About us | Vission - Mission


AYP Holdings Inc. envisions to be the “Leading Holding Company in Mindanao”, creating an environment for cultivating and nurturing current and newly established subsidiary companies, committing to be dynamic and efficient in managing respective operations, optimizing all operation’s potential to the fullest and maintain its competitive edge in the market.


AYP Holding Inc. is committed to the following missions in order to realize its vision:

  • To advance and create business strategies for existing subsidiary companies and newly established companies to get optimum profitability results, ensuring long-term sustainability and market value.
  • To give out trainings and coaching particularly in the fields of human resources, marketing and operations management to help in the management support of existing subsidiary companies.
  • To keep up with the changing technological advancements and provide information technology support such as software development to contribute to the maximizing existing business operations.
  • To foster employee’s skills through innovative trainings, development of programs in the fields of management, technical know-how’s, personal development and behavioral aspects of operations, ensuring safety, quality, efficiency, timely delivery of services and/or goods, practical, flexible and instill high morale on the job.
  • To ensure suitable employee compensation package, salary or wage structure that would benefit and highly motivate employees.
  • To aid subsidiary companies in processing documentation, accreditation and certification for local, national and international organizations such as ISO, OHSAS, Lloyd’s Register, DNV and other international organizations suited for individual operations.
  • To instill among employees to adapt, endorse and practice the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental Management Systems for long term sustainability and viability.