About us | Core Values

To achieve the AYP Holdings Inc. vision, accomplish the company’s mission and attain its goals, we, the management and employees believe that:

  • Honesty and Integrity is required of the management and of every employee of the holding company and subsidiary companies.
  • AYP Holdings Inc. highly encourages employees to take initiative and give their best in adopting an error-embracing environment to empower employees to not only lead, but also in making decisions.
  • Commitment to the needs of our customers and vendors for satisfaction is of a high-value to our companies.
  • Commitment to the desired working environment that respects and values the diverse backgrounds, interests and talents of our employees.
  • Respect and importance is given toward the views and opinions of each employee of the holding company and subsidiary companies.
  • Protection of the company’s resources is promoted to benefit those who depend on the company, such as shareholders and employees.
  • Innovation and Creativity is encouraged to the company’s employees and dive contractors by distinguishing errors that rose from good intentions and hard work, from errors that are made due to lack of effort or carelessness.
  • Commitment to the sustainability and viability, and the promotion of social awareness by helping the marginalized society in our communities by giving their time, talents and resources.