Key Factors & Competitive Edge

The following are the Success Factors of AYP Holdings Inc.:

  • Nurturing diversity and capability of their employees
    • AYP Holdings Inc. ensure that the skills, talents and capabilities of the employees under their company are developed for the employees’ benefit, as well as the company’s. The company also promotes growth for the betterment of theirs, and their employees as well.
  • Commitment to their subsidiary companies (both subsidiary and newly established subsidiary)
    • AYP Holdings Inc. seek to nurture and support the subsidiary companies under them by giving them the necessary management, training and coaching. The company also promotes growth by pushing their companies to thrive and expand their services.
  • Promoting environmental welfare
    • AYP Holdings Inc. promote caring for the environment by engaging themselves to activities that would help protect and care for our nature. They seek to support environmental causes that are promoted by not only their own company, but also Government and Non-Government organizations.